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    Question help 03 virage 800 txi water in cylinder/ blew head

    This is my first post on this forum but have been looking around. This is my first ski that I picked up for 650 from my neighbor. Ski has 60 hrs on it. The ski broke at the end of last month while they took it out for the first time of the season and he said his mechanic said he is guessing that the plug fouled and sucked water in through the exhaust but he has never seen something like that. The ski was not flipped nor was it being ran hard as a 5yr old girl was a passenger at the time. The rings look great and the top of the piston look great although there is a small hair line crack at the bottom of the piston skirt. The connecting rod doesn't have any play around the crank but there was water down in the bottom of the case. I have dried all water and sprayed wd40 to help dry and prevent rust build. Crank rotates very smooth also. The head cap that holds the plug and injector looks good also. 2nd cylinder looks great nice and smooth on the sleeve no scarring and good piston wash. Now here's my question I have a few people telling me that I can replace the piston with cylinder head and be good to go and I have foundthis on eBay

    I have also heard that I might have to replace the crank as it could of been thrown off? In that case would it be better to get a rebuilt motor? Or big bore kit? This is my first ski and was hoping to do the work myself. I do have a bit more than basic mechanic knowledge

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    If there was water in the crankcase and it sat that for any amount of time, your crank is probably shot. I would tear the whole motor down and inspect everything. Luckily, a full rebuild on a 2 cylinder isn't very expensive to do. If you are willing to do the work yourself, and are willing to learn, it should not be that difficult.

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