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    1997 Kawasaki 750 STS Impeller Inspection & Removal (pictures)

    At the end of last season I sucked some pebbles into the impeller. As soon as I heard the distinctive sound I shut down immediately, checked the grate for obstructions and then bumped the starter a few times hoping to clear any rocks without damaging the impeller. It seemed to work, but by the time I got back to the dock the PWC seemed to be running rough, so I quit using it and stored it for the winter as I didn't have time to address it then.

    Now it's June and I want to see what damage if any was done and I removed the intake grate and looked at the impeller blades. They are intact with some very small notches on the leading edges and some scraping on the pump walls, but I don't know what to look for so I am including three pictures of the front of the impeller:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Is it possible from these photos to determine if the impeller is damaged enough to warrant replacing it? If not, what do I need to look for/measure/test to determine the condition of my impeller? This is a replacement impeller put in in 2003 after one of our friends sucked in a bunch of rocks.

    Also, would I see enough of a performance boost or other improvement by putting in a "performance" impeller and if so, what would a good, but reasonably-priced one be? And what's the take on buying used or reconditioned parts?

    I repair computers and do general IT work and in the past I've rebuilt an engine (in my youth) I repair stuff around the house, washing machines, dishwashers, mowers and the like and I have the tools, but don't really work on my own car much, so while my kids believe that I can "fix anything", it's been a while since I've pulled an engine apart or similar gearhead project.

    BTW, I broke off one of the socket cap bolts holding the intake grate in place when removing it and will need to tap that out. I started to remove the reverse bucket and thrust nozzle, but had other issues with tight bolts so thought I should use some type of oil to lubricate these bolts, especially the ones into aluminum before I break another bolt. Any suggestions?

    Regardless, I'd be interested in any tips on removing or inspecting these parts on my otherwise good-running PWC. I'm sure I'm also due for a compression check and some other general maintenance, but that's for another post.

    Atlanta, GA

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    The impeller doesn't look to bad to me. You might try filing any dings, or use a MotoTool on it.

    When removing bolts that have a good chance of breaking, it's a good idea to soak it with penetrating oil for a while before trying to turn it. I like to try tightening the bolt slightly first to break it loose. That way, if you round off the corners on the head, you can still get a good grip for loosening. Don't get into a hurry. Turn it slowly and stop periodically and check to see if the bolt is getting hot from friction. If so, spray more oil on it and let it cool before turning it again. You can also try heating it with a small torch (be careful around fiberglass and gasoline), or hit it with a brass hammer/brass drift.

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