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    Question 2002 Virage Red engine 700 single carb

    Hi, New to this site. I have a jet ski that sit for over a year , battery died. replaced battery, drained all old fuel from tank. Put fresh non-ethanol gas in and started ski, however it won't stay running but maybe 20 to 30 seconds. Give it a little throttle, it shuts down . It wil crank back up and idle for a few seconds then die out. I think I may have fuel / carb problems but have never messed with this type before. Been reading about the "gray tempo " fuel lines and questions running through my head bigtime. Can anyone offer advice/suggestions where to start

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    Do you have the grey tempo lines? If you do, you need to replace all of them and then at least clean and possibly rebuild the carb. Chances are the internal filter in the carb is plugged up

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