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    Keel guard- does anyone use it?

    My new to me ski has some pant missing where the old owner would drive it on to the jet dock, I was hinting of getting he KeelGuard. Does anyone use them?

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    I have them on both my '10 FXHOs---works well----made no difference in handling or top speed (it might make a difference if you're trying for the ultimate top speed but mine do 64 GPS before and after and I'm good with that) .

    Really helps protect the ski on the bottom if you happen to run it up on shore or on a jet dock. (especially the newer nano-excel hulls)

    Kind of a slow job installing one the first time to get it right but I had done 2 boats before so I knew what to do (essentially tape along the outside edges where the Keedguard will go to make the next step be easier, scuff the surface with a scotchguard pad (time consuming), apply the adhesive promoter (comes in a tube), and then install the keelguard. I cut mine to stop just forward of where the hull "flattens" at the front of the pump tunnel

    If you have two skis to do, buy the longer 12 ft length and cut in half rather than 2 6 ft "PWC" lengths--cheaper that way.

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    I had one on my ski for one season. They will not stay on if you use a drive on dock, or if your trailer has rollers that contact the keel area where the guard sits. Otherwise, they work well with no noticable loss of speed.

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