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    HELP! I blew my engine.

    Does anyone have used stock engine parts for 09 RXP-X 255? I blew my engine last weekend . From what I can see looks like piston rod and engine block cracked (pieces of metal in the hull). The ski only has 25 hours on it and I'm the second owner. I'm dropping it off this week to pull out the engine and see all the damage... I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me out. Thx

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    What help are you asking for exactly?

    Suck about what happened though

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    With you being the 2nd owner no telling what happened before you owned it.
    Sounds like it might have been hydro locked before.
    A slight bend of a rod and it will run perfect till it comes thru the block..

    If you are planning on rebuilding your ski then bend over and go thru seadoo to get the motor.
    All the bs after market 4 tec motors I've heard of are crap.
    Only the seadoo crate motors have been holding up like new.

    Sorry for your loss and its not a cheap repair...

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    man,....25 hrs!

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    Wtf! 25 hours? Was ski ran with no oil ?

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    I watched a kid 'warm up' a cr250r before a race by continually revving it to the limiter, holding it for a sec, then letting off...
    I watched a friend 'warm-up' his rxp215's by backing out of the dry dock, and holding it wide open across the lake until warm (every time).
    I'm afraid of anything, car/truck/bike/boat/pwc used because of the above.

    I sincerely hope you find good prices and get it back together asap.
    If head is destroyed, I think Slow91 can fix pretty much anything cheaper than buying new.
    If you need valves, buy Supertech lightweight valves and retainers, and stiffer springs (cheaper than stock).
    Search around before whipping out the cash/credit.
    Sorry to hear about your misfortune.
    Good luck!

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