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    Polaris sl 780 carb problem

    Well my ski has lately been burning alot of fuel ( 70 litres ) in like 3 hours which i think is too much for my ski so i adjusted the carbs to see if they are ok and they where so i ran the ski without the filter to see if the fuel is going fine but i noticed the middle piston number 2 is pouring alot of fuel during idle and keeps pouring for 3 seconds after i turn the engine off i have rebuilt the carbs what might be the problem? i live in malta an island in the eu these i never seen a jetski like this here my dad had it for 13 years used only for 1 summer

    1 : closed both low speed and high speed screws its keeps pouring fuel
    2 : what is the fuel consumption on these things ?
    3 : the ski works fine at full throttle but it bogs like hell on accelaration

    thank you very very much for your help.

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    Could be one or more from below (from likely to less likely):
    Regulator arm is sticking up too high (should be flush with carb top flange).
    Needle is somehow stuck open.
    Return constrictor is clogged
    POP is too low (wrong spring)
    Wrong jet

    My guess on fuel consumption for your ski would be around 35 liters per hour at full throttle give or take a few liters. Simply take the number of liters per hour without factoring in the riding RPM is not a good way to estimate your fuel consumption IMO.
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