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    2010 FZS and FX SHO, both speedometers not working well

    I did a search but didn't come up with anything. On both skis the speedometer isn't working well. The FX SHO just started acting up, was reading 0 for a while. The FZS has fluctuated drastically (20-50 mph) since I got it and the SHO is acting the same way now. I know a GPS is the best way to gauge speed but I have no desire to add a GPS, but was wondering if there is a quick fix for this?

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    the speedometers on those are driven by a small paddlewheel on the front left side of the ride plate --check to mke sure they are spinning freely--they may have weeds or other debris caught in them.

    I don't have a dedicated GPS unit so I use an Iphone GPS app called "Max Speed"--it's free in the app store and it captures the current and maximum speeds--I turn it on and put the phone in my glove box and go ride--when I'm done, I look at the phone and it tells me the max speed and distance traveled. It works very well--I think it was created by a member on here.

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    My FZR will read very low or fluctuate when the trim is set to the Full UP Position.

    I think this has to do with how the Ride Plate is Shimmed
    which affects the angle of the Speedo-Sensor Wheel on the back/bottom
    of the Plate.

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