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    Ultra 300 LX

    I have been lurking on here for a couple of years but never posted anything. I have a 2011 Ultra 300 LX (12 hours and perfect condition) with a Karavan trailer that I would like to sell but don't know the best place to put it online. I understand that I have to have 25 posts to be able to use the classifieds on greenhulk. Other than Craigslist, what are the best classified's?

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    where are you located, how much ?

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    $10,500 and located in Birmingham, AL.

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    I would like to have it but it is like a zillion miles from CA

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    My thought is that once in everyone's life they need to drive across the country to see it. Might as well pick up an awesome Jet Ski along the trip

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    It sold. Ebay worked.

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