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    No Spark...Again!

    I have a 1995 Polaris SL650 That had sat you 2 years. I dusted them off late last year and the ski wouldn't start. After trouble shooting the issue I came to the conclusion that the CDI was bad. I purchased one of Ebay and installed it this past week which fixed my problem. The ski started several time. I lauched the ski and it started right up, but only would idel and not throttle up. I figured the carbs need to be rebuilt. BUT that isn't my problem, My problem is after sevral starting and idels the ski will no longer start. I checked for a spark and guess what " NO SPARK AGAIN!' what could have caused the CDI box to have gone out again? What would cause this reoccuring problem? Can you test the CDI box on a POLAR like you can n a car?

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    You need to approach this systematically.

    Ohm test the stator.

    Have you removed and cleaned the engine grounds? The blue Fuji engines use a ground point on the engine bed plate, which can develop corrosion at the engine mounting bolts under the engine and cause electrical resistance.

    Ohm test (with battery disconnected) the Black battery cable to engine head bolts. Should be zero ohms and no corrosion at any cable end.

    Look for wire damage or wire charring in the stator cable bundle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JRS030 View Post
    Can you test the CDI box on a POLAR like you can n a car?
    The only way to test a CDI is to install it in a known running ski.

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    Yes I have reconfigured the ground cable to the head bolt and i have good ground. I've inspected all the wiring on the ski and all is in good condition. I have not Ohm tested the stater.

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    Where can I get test sprcs so I can ohm out the stator?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JRS030 View Post
    Where can I get test sprcs so I can ohm out the stator?
    You'll find it here:

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