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    New to the site. Problems with a 99 SUV

    Hey I have been having problems with a 1999 Yamaha SUV. I had an oil line come off two years ago, and I rebuilt the motor and only went .5 over. I also rebuilt the carbs and everything was all but perfect when I sucked a tow line up in the drive and cracked a piece of plastic. Well go figure you can buy it so I had to make a new one. So I get that all done last year and put the ski in the river and it runs but seems to not want to run totally correct. So I winterize it and this year I put a new battery in it and check the compression and it is all good to go. I go to start it and have it fired up within 30 secs. Let it run a little maybe another 30 secs. and it full throttle and the motor dies. Then I start it right back up fires up no problem, ease into the throttle and hear a boom and I shut it down knowing that it was the water box with the exhaust. Well coming out of the metal exhaust water box there is two other plastic boxes before exiting the back of the ski. Well the plastic two both cracked and or blew apart. What is causing this as I had one blow before. The only thing that I can think of is too much fuel and it igniting after the water box. I am just tired of buying to just have them destroyed.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here is what I am talking about and what it looks like. I would just like to find a reason why this happens. Is there too much fuel getting by and igniting in the compartments? Looks like the rest of the air way is clean and no junk in the way blocking.

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    That is your sound suppression and you do NOT need it. Do a search on the 2 stroke side of the forum, for "free flow" and pay attention to the plumbing can just run a small piece of pvc r get an aftermarket unit to replace that. It is worthless and does not help with anything but noise suppression. And it's not that loud without it IMO.

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