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ID:	304737 So, after rebuilding a GTX 1996 and starting the break-in period, few problems have occured. The idling is very "loose" and i have to prime it well to have the engine running and i have to throttle it to keep it running. And sometimes it idles for a moment but when i just touch the throttle lever it stalls. All the fuses are in good condition and the stator has been checked with an AVO meter. The battery is 1 year old and i did a voltage with the engine on and off. Both read 12,68 volt which is not the correct reading according to the manual.

    I took the rectifier out and compared it to another GTX96 thats also a rebuild project. They both look very similar, looks like some solderings have overheated. So both rectifiers gone bad or should i also look at other parts as well?

    Also, one more thing. I did a compression test and both cylinders read 165 psi. Good or not good compression for a rebuild engine?


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    165 PSI is right at spec for a rebuilt engine, I believe. I know factory spec on an original engine is 155 PSI. I wish I could tel you something about the rectifier, but all I can say is that they must go bad on all machines (I'm having problems with mine on my '97 GTX).

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    Changed the fuel lines today and also pulse line. Getting new rectifier from SBT tomorrow. Also purchased Fluid Film for internal fogging. Anyone have experience with that product?
    Also, would you fog the engine if you ride it at 5-6 days interval?


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