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    R12X VS kawi 300 UltraLX

    I like my Honda but have never ridden anything else How much difference is the ride my Honda goes as fast as I want so what would be the advantage of the 300LX

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    Arm wrenching acceleration that will keep you smiling for hours on end. The power is always there from a dead stop or from cruising. Just grab a handful of throttle and hold on for one wild ride.

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    165hp honda Vs 300hp Kawasaki......uh doo the math LOL

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    I used to have a 2003 F12x and my brother has a 300x and I've ridden it when I had my Honda. All acceleration/speed differences aside...the 300x handles like a razor compared to the F12. I didn't know what to expect when I rode the 300x but after I rode it I said to myself...'I need a new ski'. It was effortless to ride in comparison.

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    Definitely and supreme ride in comparison . Even with all my mods I can't hold a candle to a 300 from a standing start .A on plane punch it was pretty close but he still pulled away . 40mph punch was about equal till 60ish. But this was all on flat water. U know without a dout on chop I couldn't have done nothing but watch him take off

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