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    1997 seadoo gti trouble

    I have a 1997 seadoo gti 720 when the gas is at half a tank it boggs out when I do spins full tank runs like a champ half tank dyes on me then starts runs ok then dyes new plugs put in still dose the same thing any help would be appreciated also had carbs rebulit when 40 hour motor was put in

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    Remove fuel baffle in tank and inspect for damage. Before removing inspect lines and make sure connected to correct location. If you look closely there will be letter on top edges where lines connect, that tell you what lines go's were. Sounds like may have lines connect wrong.

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    Im new to the pwc world how do I do that

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    Also these are the original lines from 1997 should I just replace all the lines and how do I take the fuel tank out thanks very much for your help I fix cars but am new to pwc

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