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    What are best ways to keep engine and compartment cool on 2008 RXPX

    I have a 2008 RXPX which runs awesome. Riding on an inland freshwater lake, the temperature of the lake water can get pretty warm. Right now June 24th it's about 78 degrees. It does get warmer up to about 82 during a hot summer. The ski has had signs of over heating and the seat actually feels damn warm at times. I have checked all the fluids and levels and they re good. The intercooler seems to work fine as well. I recently added a Riva Free Flow exhaust pipe. It's sounds great and runs a bit better. Other than that, it's stock. I have read of methods to cool the hull compartment or upgrade the intercooler....maybe even add vents.

    Anyone have any suggestions to ensure it cools better. I'm not really looking for more's quick enough.... i just want to ensure i keep reliability and engine life up


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    Any time you start cutting holes to vent the hull your risking that vent area becoming the way you also take on water.
    I sent 10 rxtx skis out of the country that are used as coast guard boats.
    All 10 had vents cut into the area below the seat and 2 Bilge pumps.
    I've talked to the client numerous times and no big issues due to over heatings or sinking.
    They use these units every day.
    They have almost 1000 hours on a few of the skis.
    A lot of idle time for these skis and a lot of heat.
    I don't think your going to have issues with recreational riding when these things in stock form are being used like work horses.

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