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    Has anyone used these Tallon Sockets? Are they any good?

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    Your installs look great guys, but you should check out the mounting kit by for the elite series. It's an adjustble ram mount that you can easily take on and off. The bottom mount that the ram goes in has a plug in for a short tranducer cable they give you and you plug your regular transducer cable into the bottom so when you pop it off you take the short cable with you and then plug all the holes with the attached rubber caps and all that is left is a small plastic piece. It's like 100 bucks but works awesome.
    ws6power1 mentioned them in another thread. I'm wondering if anyone has used them and how are the quality? The look like the mounting bases are plastic and of course it will only be as strong as the surrounding area in which it is mounted. I just picked up an '08 Yamaha VX that I want to set up for fishing with racks, holders, etc. The idea I have is to do a removable rack system with multiple attachment points using this system so that when I just want to cruise I can pop it of and have a clean ski.

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    Bump. I guess not....

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