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    1996 SLX 780 project - NEW HERE ! just saying thanks!

    hey everyone, wasn't sure where to post this. but i'm new to the water ski thing. i recently received a 1996 slx 780 as my first from my father who NEVER used it just let it sit. i'm not new to mechanics (never worked on any kind of boat however) or anything, let alone forums.

    but i really just wanted to say thank you to everyone on here who contributes! i've been able to find literally anything i could think of on this forum. (unlike the other forums cough* hondatech cough*). and all the useless trolling is nowhere to be seen !!

    so far i've rebuilt jsut about everything on the ski as far as carbs/fuel pump/ lines go and am now moving my way to the electronics of it. really looking to clean this thing up and possibly restore it to perfect running state! even had the entire steering assembly seized up. which i spent almost 1.5hrs lubing and pulling looking to have this thing ready by july 4th

    heres a few pics!

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    Looks like you have a real project on your hands!

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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post

    Looks like you have a real project on your hands!
    indeed ! lol is it too much trouble to have this moved to the projects section?
    when i get off work tonight i gotta figure out the electrical issue i'm having currently. fingers crossed its just the corroded ground cable. going to relocate it to the IM bolt.
    here's some pics of some of the corrosion

    the cdi appeared practically untouched and that 1/4 amp fuse i always hear everyone talking about was surprisingly intact

    got new hand grips on the way cause old ones melted to my hands after getting the steering to work!
    also debating on tearing into the mfd. although i'm still unsure if its even worth it considering how sundamaged it is.

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    That is some nasty corrosion.. But good luck! Doing good so far!

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