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    WTB: 700 Twin Exhaust Pipe Gasket & Updated Fuel Filler Neck

    I'm looking for a new exhaust pipe gasket for one of my SL's as it started leaking water into the hull a few days ago. I saw SBT/WCSS have a gasket kit pretty reasonable but shipping is pretty pricey. I figured I'd see if someone had one out of a kit they never used or had a spare kickin around they'd like to sell before I just order one from the local Polaris dealer. EDIT: Looks like SBT sells the individual gaskets so I may go that route if no one has one.

    Also looking for an updated fuel filler neck in good condition. I found that the outer trim that goes against the hull has a crack in it on my SLH and I'd like to replace it before it gets worse.

    EDIT: I'm also potentially looking for a set of Ocean Pro F/A's for a 700 twin as well if someone has a pair in good shape.

    Let me know what you have and a price with shipping to 14526.
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