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    Buying a 2002 Yamaha GP1200r ??

    I am thinking about buying a GP1200r but the digital display is no longer working. The seller doesn't know how many hours is on it. I am not buying the machine unless I know.

    Is there a way to find out how many hours are on the engine?

    Where could I get another digital display?


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    do a compression check and look over ski. the digital displays hold the hours and anyone can swap them out to make a low hour ski. if its well kept, compression is good, and clean your ok. biggest thing is to ask when carbs were last gone throughm its not cheap and is a must. still have stock cat in the ski or d plate n chip? theres plenty of dispalys for sale on here and on ebay. i sold mine for 10o and it was mint for reference

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    Thanks, I have no idea about the stock cat... Guess I should find that out.

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