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    MSK150 woe's, limited rpm's, won't restart (occaisonally), reflashed-no help

    have an MSK/150
    it was rolled over at idle, righted in wrong direction-But hey then they rolled it over twice in the correct direction -to make up for it!!!! (not my blood in them)...
    anyway it got water in intake system (I assume). It had oil every where in intake, it was milky. I cleaned everything out and flushed with brake cleaner. It wouldn't go over 35 mph. From help on this forum I sent ecu to Canada (somewhere, I've lost their info) had it read and flashed and upgraded?? he tested my sensors (also shipped) and replaced some. It didn't make any difference. still limited to 35mph. I got hurt and haven't been able to get it in the water till now for her. Past history

    I put it in water and it didn't have enough power to back it off trailer. I pushed it off and idled it out through the idle speed channel about a half mile. When I got to open water it wouldn't go over 6 mph. so I turned it around to go back to the trailer and after another 250 yards it started running better so I turned back out to open water and it ran up to 41 mph. Seemed to have decent power. parked it and she came out to get on it and it wouldn't start.. after some cranking by both of us. I unplugged both injectors and it started immediately, then ran out of fuel and stopped. I reconnected the injectors and it fired right up. This happened once before last year also. She drove it it ran fine but still would not go over 41 mph.??? Any suggestions, or does anyone know the name of the Webber engine dealer in Canada. That does these. He was helpful I just didn't get far enough into it then. Now I hope to. It is a 04 with just turned 90 hours.
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    This sounds exactly like the symptoms my parent's ski had last year after being rolled. Your motor most likely ingested oil and ruined the O2 sensor (Lambda probe). You need a new one. has them for $136 located HERE part number 100030. You might need two new MAP sensors as well. You can cross reference these to a part on a Chevy Cobalt SS from like 2007 I believe. It's the same Bosch part number. Make sure your intake is spotless and no more oil/water sludge is in it.

    After replacing the lambda probe it may not run good right away, but give it a few hours running and it should open up again, unless you can get the ECU codes cleared it may run better sooner.

    Good luck!

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