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    2001 Polaris Genesis Bendix replacement

    Hi all, need help with flywheel removal is the nut left handed or right ? and what's the best way to hold the flywheel. shadetreejerry

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    See my signature links for the 'rope trick' which holds the MAG piston in place and allows you to remove the flywheel nut. The flywheel nut is normal thread, but can be very tight.

    You will also need a hefty puller to get the flywheel to loosen.

    Leave the flywheel nut in place but just a few turns loose. When the flywheel puller does let go the nut prevents it from flying around and breaking something.

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    thank you for getting back to me. I got it off before I saw your reply. But an earlier comment on keeping the nut on but loose was really the right thing to do. I had to go change my shorts when it went bang. I thought I broke the puller. Now for some parts.

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    Its scary even with the nut left on

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