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    Polaris SLH stuck flywheel

    Hey guys,

    blew the engine up on my polaris slh. its the red 700cc polaris engine. I was taking it apart to send off for a re-manufacture but the flywheel is stuck on the motor. I have tried to pull it normally, heat it and pull it (being careful of the stator obviously) but it will not budge. one of the three bolts on the flywheel keeps getting stripped out the threads on the flywheel just completely get distroyed. I have already tapped the thing twice. I have enough room to tap it one more time and try one more pull but i wanted to get some suggestions first before i did this. Any ideas on how to get this thing off??


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    Are you using a high quality puller?

    These things can take a LOT of force to let go. Leave the flywheel center nut in place just a few turns loose so the flywheel doesn't go into orbit when it releases.

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