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    Seadoo XP Di -04 Rectifier temperature?


    Recently had some problem with 12 v low and maint varning and limited rpm.
    Did some research, checked my battery and cables first and they are fine. Then I looked at my rectifier, it
    was in very bad shape. Parts of it almost looked like it had melted some.
    So I replaced my rectifier with a new one and the ski runs great again.
    After and hour or so of mixed riding I placed my fingers against the rectifier and it was
    burning hot. So my question is if that is normal? Or do I have another problem causing my
    rectifier to burn out?

    Hope you savages has an answer for me
    Love this forum btw, has helped me out quite a bit.

    Mikael, Sweden

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    I don't have an answer to your problem. But I am experiencing the exact same problems/symptoms with my 04 XP DI right now. I am going to be changing my recitifier tomorrow, ill check to see if mine is burnt or what the deal is. But im also experiencing problems with my power cut-off solenoid and/or DESS post where you place the lanyard. Check my thread I made the other week see if you got the exact same problem:

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    Sorry brother, no problem with DESS or power cut-offs.
    I'm a layman when it comes to mechanical and electrical knowledge, but isn't the clicking perhaps a bad relay?

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    the Dis reg/rectifier just cant handle the loads the mag puts on it.Change them over to a 4 tec one and they will last indefinitely.

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