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    Question gp1300r under water for 24 hours. almost starts!??!!?!???

    friend who bought it forgot to put plug in. left on the dock tied up like a anchor. was in water for about 24hr

    -shot most of the water out of sparkplug holes
    -wd-40, yamalubed, and starting fluid down the holes
    -water still coming out from exahust when it starts
    -do i need to replace the gas? or is it self-sealed, i look inside the gas tank and the gas is half full with dark color (premix with yamalube)

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    Good luck with that ski.... Only new gas works temporary.
    You will get engine and electrical problems in the next months.

    Best to take engine apart, before crank dies

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    You sunk my battleship!

    Salt or fresh water? Your biggest enemy right now is time and corosion.

    They say the best thing to do is GET IT STARTED and running HOT for at least 30 minutes to burn off any excess water, of course while the boat is in the water - dont let it overheat I mean. Theres a video somewhere around here for what to do for sunken skis, but mainly clear the combustino chamber as best can be, get it started. WD40 is good.

    As a last resort and effort to help and if some of the plugs keep fouling with water you can start the engine with one or two of the plugs removed. The engine should start on the dry cyl. Rev the engine to about 4~5000 rpm and the open plugs will spray water 20 feet high. Do this with the fuel injector to the open cyl disconnected if you can - but think conciously about lubrication. That should clear it's throat. Start it and let run after this.

    I had a similar thing happen my 4th time out. Didnt sink the boat but the engine did pull in water. Its been fine for 12 hours or so since. The trick was I got it running shortly after, and pushed 17 gallons of fuel through it the rest of that day.

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    You need to get it started ASAP even if it will just idle. The best thing you can do to help this is pull all spark plugs and take a long 1/4 inch extension and push each piston one at a time all the way down and spray a lot of WD40 in each hole wile they are down. This will assure that you are getting the Wd40 to the bottom of the cases to help get the water out.

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    Got the ski to start by putting premix gas into each cylinder. But it will burn off and stop. I wd-40 cylinders and shot out most of water and exhaust. No more water is coming out of exhaust. I haven't done compression test but it seems all cylinder are pushing good air against my hand. Will do one Tommrow when autozone opens up. To much water still in crankcase ?

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    Time is running out I would not wait for Autozone to open. If it's starting the way you say then compression is likely still OK for running at the moment.

    Being fuel injected - have you checked if injector's are operating? I'd think that even if the plugs are removed the injectors should be pumping fuel into the chambers. Are the plugs totally dry after cranking/starting? Check electrical. The way you can check if a fuel injector is opening is with a long handeled screw driver or tool. Hold the tool to the injector while your ear is firmly against the other end. You should HEAR the injectors click while the engine is cranking. All should sound relatively the same. The clicking is very audible - try it on your running vehicle/car for good measure. You can also use a mechanic's grade stethescope if you have one, but in your case a long tool should be at your disposal.

    If the injectors are not clicking, you can test for line 'pulse' voltage on the connector side of the injector. You can also ohm out the injector - the injector should have continuity and not be open. Check all fuses.

    Have you checked for good spark? Remove sparks and test againse the side of the engine WITH THE PLUGS STILL CONENCTED TO THE PLUG WIRES.

    You say the engine fires when primed with fuel so it is getting spark - and unless the engine is flooding then your other option is fueling.

    I wonder if water got into the electonics?

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    There is spark when I put against metal. Also I can hear the clicking and whining noise when try to start. Also. When I prime it with premix gas. It starts and when I hit the gas it goes louder but then bogs out. I let it sit some and sprayed some wd-40 with piston down. And will try again. Even though no water is shooting out of exhaust or hole. Can some water in crank cause it to die? My next option is replace gas ? Even thought the gas looks 1/3 full with Yamaluhe color tint

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    When you say you can hear the clicking and whining noise; are you listen using a stethescope or screw driver pressed up against the fuel injectors?

    When my engine flooded with water I am 100% sure there was still water in the crank as it finally started. On mine it burned off a lot of water. What happens when you crank and pump the throttle while cranking; say for 10 seconds?

    Can you hear your fuel pump running? Are the fuel lines getting presureized?? You might be able to 'feel' the pressure and flow through a loosely laid fuel line. Is the fuel tank under pressue, holding pressue, under vacumm?

    Can you test things with a volt meter like your fuel pump, injector voltages?

    You have spark and compression. You are missing fuel.

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    Did you change the oil in the crank case? I would and try to rinse any water left in it with some cheap oil and do it again.
    I would also change the fuel and spark plugs...
    Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaby_FZR View Post
    Did you change the oil in the crank case? I would and try to rinse any water left in it with some cheap oil and do it again.
    I would also change the fuel and spark plugs...
    Good luck
    Its a 2 stroke you dont change oil

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