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    Going premix on GP1200r ??

    How hard is it to convert to premix on a GP1200r?

    What are the steps to follow?

    Is this something anybody can do or should I let a mechanic take care of it?


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    Perfect. Thanks.

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    And instead of just zip tieing the oil level sending unit all you have to do is drain the oil and just right over the gas tank youll find the oil electrical plug,just unplug and stick a C-fuse in the female side of the plug............i'll post a pic of mine tommorrow...

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    Here's the pic......I just picked up some mini-20amp fuses from autozone.........Plugged it in the female side of the oil plug and the Oil digital guage reads full all the'll save you some time versus taking the oil tank off/sending unit and zip tying it...
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