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    NEED HELP - 1995 Waverunner

    Hi everyone, Im a newbie to the sport and need some help!
    I purchased a waverunner III 701 with a blown engine (crank and pistons) I have a 650 6M6 brand new complete rebuild that i had planned to drop in in place of the 701. Little did I know that the intake and reeds are a different size.
    my question is: can i use my 701 lower cases with the 650 top end so I dont have to purchase new intake, reeds, exhaust, etc. or should i find new intake and exhaust for the 650 6M6 and leave the 650 as is?
    Any help appreciated!

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    the 6m6 is close to the 701 and they do share some parts i think you can put the 650 crank in the 701 cases as well as use the 650 top end on it as well.... how well it will all work im not so sure. youll need a full gasket set and i think itll run.
    to be honest id sell the 6m6 off and rebuild the 701 sbt has all the parts you need, product support and youll have a better mill in the end.

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    Thanks for the input, I believe that would be the best way to go as well!

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