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    New to forum. Sea Doo 2001 GTX Bombadier

    New to forum and jet skis. Looking to buy my first ski from a friend. He is selling a 2001 GTX Bombadier and was wondering if anyone had any input on this model (RFI I think. Not DI). I'm buying a dual trailer and ski for $2900.00- what do you think? I'm a performance nut with cars so my question is does this model have room for improvement over stock? Is it reliable? I will take any info or advice regarding type of oil to use, spark plug suggestions, etc. Someday I will buy another for the other side of the trailer.

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    Welcome to the forum and welcome to the awesome world of jet skis! I'm sure someone with more expertise than I will answer you questions.

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    Hard to comment on price as it varies by area. The RFI and DI skis are great when they are running correctly when they start having issues you need a trip to the dealer or a Candoo pro system to properly diagnose them and parts are expensive. If you're looking to modify there is not much you can do to a fuel injected two stroke, leaving it stock would be the best bet for reliability. Personally I would not own an RFI or DI model spend a few more bucks and get an early 4tec GTX or GTS/GTI four stroke for reliability.

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