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    1996 XP Starting Circuit Questions

    Hey guys, been rebuilding this ski and learning a ton on the forums. Finally needed to post a question I hope you can answer. I bought this ski 2 years ago, it would fire up but had a bad piston. I finally decided to keep it and rebuild the top end. I have the ski all back together but when I hooked up the battery and place the safety lanyard on I get nothing. No beeps, no gauges, no crank, nothing. The one thing I can't remember is on the MPEM you have two red cables, one goes to the starter and one to the battery. I'm wondering if they are switched and if so what would that do. I have the longer cable with the plastic heat guard hooked to the starter. This is also the cable closest to the hull on the MPEM. The other shorter red cable is connected to the battery, this is the cable between the cable above and the spark plug cable. For the life of me I can't find a picture on the web or manual that shows those cables and just need confirmation I have them correct before starting all the usual troubleshooting steps.


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    You found your own problem. The wires are swapped. The one with the live 12v on it should have the small red wires on it on the solenoid post in the black electrical box

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    Thanks I did find a picture on the SBT site that clarified it. I switched the cables and I still get nothing. Is it possible that I fried something? Before switching the cable I jumped the solenoid with a remote starter switch and the motor did crank slowly. Then I switched the cables and I still get nothing. I checked all the fuses and none are blown.

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    Just to close this thread in case it helps anyone else, I did find out the longer cable with the plastic shield goes to the battery and the shorter one to the starter. I wound up disconnecting and reconnecting all the wire connectors on the grey box in front of the ski. After all that the ski started up so I didn't fry anything and I'm ready for the lake.

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