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    Youtube video upload help please

    Ok I know the majority of you guys probably know how to do this shit easily so please explain why my video is taking FOREVER to upload to youtube. I have a 1-2 minute video that was shot with 12mp point and shoot. Its saved in my hard drive. People have told me it only takes about 10min to upload their 5min vids....why is my 1min vid taking over an hour???? I was also told I could choose a resolution before uploading....I never saw that option anywhere. Why in the hell is this basic task giving me such a headache? Thanks!

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    slow computer slow internet?? sometimes it takes me a while to upload a video. id just be patient and let it do its thing.

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    Well, I admit I don't have the fastest computer, but its average and less than 2yrs old. I bought it as a "temporary" to my other one crapping out....and until I buy a nice Mac set-up. My internet service is a decent one, I think I opted for the faster option. But the thing is, its a fukn 1min video! Over an HOUR? This shit aint dial-up, lol

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    Upload speeds should mostly depend on internet speeds, not computer speeds since uploading is not a very heavy CPU usage task. Have you uploaded to Youtube before to gauge an average speed? Sometimes Youtube is just overloaded and likes to be a dick when it comes to uploading. I've only uploaded a hand full of videos to Youtube and I've had this issue one time. Test your internet speeds by going to It's all done right on the site without having to download anything. Let me know what your speeds are. It will tell you your download and upload speeds.

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    what resolution/file size is the video? the greater the resolution the larger the file, hence the longer the wait. A 2 min vid shot in 1080p will take far longer to upload than a 10 min vid shot in 360p

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    Yes, it is the resolution that is killing you..I had 4 GoPro videos of last years races and I tried to upload them...They were shot in 920p and when uploading them to youtube, it said 5 hours!!!!!!

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    Ok well then I guess it's the 12mp camera to blame. I got them all done, but yea it was about an hour or more to upload 1min 45sec

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    Quote Originally Posted by blkturbo! View Post
    Ok well then I guess it's the 12mp camera to blame. I got them all done, but yea it was about an hour or more to upload 1min 45sec
    Use windows movie maker and choose the resolution when you save it.

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