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    1999 Kawasaki Sport XI 750 starts and runs but bogs down

    Okay I purchased this 99 Kawasaki from a friend that told me that it sat for a couple years and when he pulled it out of storage and got it running it would run for around 20 minutes then shut off and you would have to sit in the water for around 15 minutes and it would fire up again and would just be an endless cycle. I have gone through the carbs and rebuilt them they are good as I tested them on my other Kawasaki and it runs fine with them. Ive replaced the rectifier, made sure all my electrical connections are good. Replaced the spark plug wires and coil. It will fire right up but when you give it gas it bogs down and sounds like it is misfiring. but you can not give it 100% throttle without it bogging down. Now could this be cause from a bad water temp sensor putting the ski into limp mode? Is my CDI bad...if it was bad I figured it wouldn't spark or fire or anything...This ski really has me stumped...ive trimmed wires on the spark plug wires back, ive gone through the manual and read it front to back and cant really find anything as to why this ski is doing this. It is a very nice ski and hardly been on the water just need some help. like I said the only think I haven't done is check the water temp sensor..

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    Also checked compression in both cylinders and they are good running right at 150

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    Fuel problem. Check the fuel filter/pickups.

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