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    No more 250's to be produced?

    Me and another board member went to check out the Ultra 250 today at the local dealer "who is a friend of mine", we crawled under and noticed all kinds of things to get speed. Just like a GPR.

    Then my dealer friend said he got a bulletin via e-mail telling him they won't be making anymore 250's until July...seems there's a problem somewhere down the line.

    My take on the ski besides the obvious size, isn everything you guys have posted. It's big, can't see the gauges, the hood looks like it will fall off if it gets a wave hit on it. I like the seat, the steering is cool, the immobilizer seems like something you could use for the family so certain members can't go fast.

    The hull..oh my lord, thats a lot of water contact surface plus the BIG, FREAKING HOOK IN THE BACK!! We put a straight edge and it reminds me of the RXP hook! The ride plate mounting towers can be machined a couple of mm's to get some speed. The intake area, the hull needs to be trued BADLY! There is no reason this ski can't pick 4mph from trueing, straightening and blueprinting alone imo.

    I am still sitting on the fence about getting be honest, I like the ski.

    And if you drop a tool or a bolt...good luck, you'll need a search dog to find it. I await for more of your reports and mods on the I said, I like it. I wanna ride, I wanna ride....

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    Can someone find out if that is true due to a production line problem or a quality problem with the ski that must be corrected before more are produced?

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    I don't know if it has anything to do with it,but I noticed Thursday morning that they took the Ultra 250 off the list on the parts and accessories on It used to be listed on this page in the three seaters section

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    The guages are super easy to see. A little small I grant you, but very
    visible. One neat thing you might not be aware of is that what appears
    to be a black cowling on top is really a deep ruby red transparent plastic. When you're in the sun you see some glinting red highlights on the guages, pretty cool.

    The hood is a shaker hood. I went to Home Depot tonight and got some
    of those stick on vinyl bumpers and put them at the corners of the hood
    and the body on top. Worked a little. But I now see the fix, there is
    a large surface area on the hood where it meets the ski body. You just
    have to glue a big piece of closed cell foam to the hood and when it
    pulls down to body it will stop all movement. Once I source some of this
    and do it I'll post pix's.

    Speed..........It's already pushing 69mph with less than $300 worth of mods. This baby is going to be good for 75 mph before long, easily.

    Dropping a a magnet! Hey get the 4 year extended warranty for $700 bucks (zero Deductible) and
    you're good to go. Buy a few cases of beer and keep your local Kawa svc department happy to see you coming!

    Handling............This is the BEST feature of this ski. I'm going to be
    running off Key Biscayne tomorrow with Cue03. Depending on sea conditions we may run to the Gulf Stream.......I'd never do that in
    my SeaDoo........ We're also going to have several Ultra's and another
    10/15 skis next weekend running on a freshwater river north of Lake Okeechobee. You're going to see some video from head camcorders and
    stuff shot on a tripod..........If they've got one for sale buy it now!!
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    Very interesting indeed. I hope that someone finds out what is going on with the Ultra that it is being delayed until July.



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    So Mike....

    Are you getting the Red one or the Blue one?

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    you have only the pump wedge or do you also have the Modded ride plate ?

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    Pump wedge on order. I think the jury's out til Skips tests
    out the ride plate. I'm a rec rider and not that interested in
    the extra 1 or 2 mph. Once I get above 60mph it's all pretty
    fast to me! I just want to get that nose up a little. The handling
    is so good I don't want to detract with any mods that may have
    an impact. That's why I'm waitin' on guru Skip.

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    the 250x

    WEll Is that rue that the are stop making them again till july wonder why? ARe the going to try to fix problems on them or what?


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    Nobody has said there were any problems, and no knows for sure that they stopped making them .

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