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    STX1100 shooting oil out of spark plug holes

    Hello Im new to the Jet Ski world but not to the mechanical world. Ive rebuilt many a car engine in my life but never worked on a jet ski nor 2 stroke engines or carb engines. I recently bought a 97 Kawasaki 1100STX and when I put it in the water the first time it blew out white smoke so much that it could end up being a smoke grenade used in Afghanistan. After the smoke cleared I saw a lot of oil in the water around the ski.

    My Automotive experience tells me this is a blown head gasket but I dont know anything about Marine engines.

    So I did a compression test. I took all three spark plugs off and grounded the wires. I then tried to turn the motor over and oil came shooting out the spark plug holes like crazy. So I figured that maybe with 2 stroke motors you had to have all spark plugs in when doing the test. After doing that I got 184, 179, and 179.

    Then I went on a Youtube video and saw a guy doing a compression test on a 1100 zxi and he had all the plugs removed while cranking the motor.

    uh oh what does this mean since mine were shooting oil out? is this a carb prob instead?

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    Since these engines burn oil, it's normal for them to smoke when first started. After running a few minutes, it will be greatly reduced. If it's been in storage for a long time, oil can drain from the reservoir and get quite a bit in the engine. I had a 750 recently that was hydrolocked with oil after sitting for two years.

    The way to cure it is to run it. Carry a spare set of spark plugs in case you foul the ones that are in it now.

    Also, take a look at the oil lines as they tend to get brittle and crack with age. Replace with polyurethane hose.

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