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    2002 4tec - Can you repair the LCD yourself?

    The LCD on my 2002 4tec is toast ( literally, it look like a piece of toast)

    Can I purchase a new LCD and install myself? IF so, where can I order and what part number price etc
    The whole cluster is outrageously priced at $600

    Also, My RPM and MPH needles do not work, what and how can I correct this ? not really important but I would like the LCD working to see gas gauge and codes etc.

    For some reason I get one long beep after riding a short time and I have no idea what this means. IS there a list of codes somewhere?


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    Unfortunately, i think it`s the whole cluster you need....dont think they sell the lcd as a seperate part.

    I bought ours from the OEM store here on the site and fitted it problems.

    You`ll need to take the ski to a dealer to put it on BUDS or put it on a Candoo system to look for codes, as you obviously cannot view them if any, as you cannot see them on the cluster.

    You could try and get a second hand cluster if you can find one, as the info, (Hours) is stored in the MPEM, so it`s a straight swap out.
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    The long beep your hearing is probably when the computer is realizing that your guages are shot.
    It can't get a reading on the guages and its telling you that with the beep.
    Same thing was happening on a
    06 rxt I had with broken guages.

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