I have a 2005 Seadoo Speedster twin. The other day, my son was wiggling the key trying to pull it out...he got it, boat died. Plugged key back in, no beeps, left engine RPM tach jumped as usual and engine lights flashed for left engine as usual. Right engine RPM tach did not move, engine lights for right engine did not flash, fuel gauge not working. Right engine still starts and runs, but no gauges. Checked three fuse boxes and every inline fuse I could find, all seem ok. Cleaned key and post, still nothing. Found similar issues online but nothing the same. Not sure if issue with my key, if there is a fuse I have not found, or the MPEM is bad. If MPEM is bad would engine run?
I've read issues with fuel gauge fuse that seems common, but nothing with engine lights (temp,oil,chk eng, volts) not working also. Any ideas? Thanks!!!!