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    Used waverunner opinion

    Still debating to buy a new one but came across these two used skis recently.

    1. 2009 vx cruiser, 60 hrs, trailer, 2 jackets for 7000

    2. 2006 fx ho cruiser , 122 hrs, new oil plugs battery, trailer, jacket and cover for 4500

    opinion on these? Both have about the same blue book value.

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    I would rather the fx ho cruiser as it will have a good bit more power and that is important to me. It will also handle chop better which is most of the riding we do being on the gulf of Mexico. A bonus would be the $2500 savings. Both have low hours so in my opinion that would not be a deciding factor.

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    If it was me, I'd get the HO. The VX will probably last longer, but the HO is a great machine.

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    The fx said he is selling because his wife and daughter never took safety course and rode only once last year.

    I more so want something functional and fun in case I get deployed next year. Then when I get back I can trade up for a new model.

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    Going to check the fx ho tomorrow. What's the process of registering/licensing it? It's used and he has the title for jet ski and trailer in hand.

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    Just make sure you test ride it in the water at full throttle under normal operating temps. Was it operated in salt water? Unfortunately used skis without warranties are a crap shoot, but Mowerpan is correct; the FX series handle chop better.

    The registration process is pretty simple in Florida if you have a title; just take it to the tag office and be prepared to pay sales tax; at that point they will set you up in the system with new registration and you might need a new hull sticker plus a new tag for trailer if required. That's Florida; not sure about your state.

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    Does the 2006 happen to be in Poquoson?

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    Did he back out on you too or did he screw me to sell it to you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjldad View Post
    Did he back out on you too or did he screw me to sell it to you?
    all i have to said , becareful with the seller. i don't look too honest.

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