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    Another Baffle problem

    Ok guys so here it goes, I know the fuel baffle issues have been beaten into the ground, but I think I have something a little different on hand this time. My ski is a 99 SPX and My baffle had a blown F1 fuse. I repaired the fuse and was working great. While I had the baffle out I notice the float was full of fuel, so I ordered the new replacement and installed, now the guage is reading full at all times? Baffle seems to work fine out of the ski but when I put it in the tank the problems start.... Anyone have any idea? New baffle getting stuck? I'm out of ideas!!!! Any help would be awesome.

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    Take it back out, and connect your ohm meter to it and tilt up - down ohms should go 0-60. You might have a loose magnet in there. Did ya test it after ya fixed?

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    Yes, tested right after the repair and it worked just fine, was getting between 0 an 89 ohms. So getting full swing on the guage. Works fine out of the ski but now that it is in the ski. Just sticks on full. Dumbfounded.

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