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    Any gothca's for replacing a melted exhaust elbow? Pump removal required?

    Hey everyone,

    I'm helping out a friend of mine with his 06' F-12X. The J pipe hole was clogged and melted the elbow under full throttle for a good minute and a half. Had a strong "pisser" on the hose, but I didn't put 2 and 2 together so... whoops.

    Anyway, any tricks to doing this? Do I have to remove the pump to do it (I assume I have to remove that plastic box thing above the pump.

    I have done props, wear rings, exhaust, supercharger rebuild, intercooler, Riva parts, etc. on my RXP and RXPX... but I've never worked on a Honda.


    -=Mike G.

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    OK... That was pretty easy. I did not take out the water-box, didn't seem necessary. The worst part was trying to get the melted/deformed elbow out of the ski. I just cut off the larger melted "dingleberrys" on the outside of the elbow and pulled it out.

    I disassembled the ski, replaced the exhaust elbow, the seal on the plastic box thingy, new coupler (Honda calls it a hose) for the "J-Pipe" to water-box connection, opened up the water hole in the J-Pipe, cleaned out the water hoses (had some sand in them), checked the turbo water inlet, ran it on the hose, reassembled the ski and was back out on the water in ~2 hours.

    Other than oil changes, spark, plugs and a battery, this is the first work I've done on this Honda at 164 hours.


    -=Mike G.

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