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    New to the forum 03 gtx sc need a lil help

    So I got this gtx like month ago. When I got it sc was shot so I rebuilt it and slap it on .thru it in the water today for the first time and wasent to impress with speed but rand good. For some reason it wouldn't turn right much but would turn left real good .after a hour of test diving a check engine code p1202 came up.on my way to the doc I kill the ski and I hear a water fall in it take the seat of and I got water coming in from my steering cable so I put back on trailer and ic the cable plastic nut came out . Like it unscrude .

    I have check compression and its 128 all the way thur

    new sc rebuilt

    new oil change it reve up to like 8000 rps So oil level must b good

    new spark plugs

    whats a p1202 ? And how do I fix it?
    how do I check my wear ring?
    And my left and right problem could it have bean cause cable was not scred on right?

    thanks for all the help guys.

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    154 Check out this thread. It contains a document describing all the trouble codes. P1202 is related to the oil tank pressure switch.

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    Any more input any one ?

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    rev limit setting on an 03 gtx 185 is 7650. If your ski is spinning more than 7650 or 7650 anywhere below full throttle, your ski has a problem and would explain the low performance-- you may have a 155 impeller installed in your ski.

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