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    superjet problems advice? opinions ?

    OK, so first of all. The day this started happening it was running perfect. I took it out for about 2 hours, I got home, and went to flush it. The trouble started, as I was about to finish flushing it. I unhooked the hose, and went to give it the throttle a blip to get the water out, when I did so the engine starting limiting, I immediately went for the killswitch it didn't work. I then went straight to the throttle and tapped it, to try and slow it down. after a few blips it stopped limiting and died. I have just been upstairs seeing if it was going to do it again, and it wouldn't start, it was turning over nicely, but wouldn't fire. I then grabbed some "start ya bastard" or ethi, and it would idle for a while then stop, i sprayed again and it would idle as soon as I blipped the throttle it bogged and just stopped every single time.

    My conclusion is, it's the carbies (massive blockage) or the fuel lines.
    My conclusion could get wrong, hence why I'm here trying to get help of people that would most likely know more then me.
    if it is the carbies how should I go at it?
    Also it's a 2004 model.

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    If it has been sitting for a while without running , i would replace the fuel. Or you could have gotten shit fuel. Check your filter for water or any dirt in it and drain or replace it. Check your spark plugs.

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    If it's sucking air somewhere it won't suck fuel. Could be anything from a blown gasket, to a hole in the fuel line, to a popped out rear crank seal.

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