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    2002 polaris freedom 700 bogs real bad and top speed 30 mph

    My wife's freedom 700 is bogging out real bad. When I get it started which takes a little bit and warm it up it bogs real bad. If you give it throttle it dies but starts right back up. If you gradually give it gas it will finally get going but it tops out at 30 mph.I have pulled the carb off and took it apart and it was clean. All of the jets are clean and clear. I am a motorcycle mechanic so I know a little bit. Was wondering if it might be a reed issue? Any help is much appreciated.

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    This is the Kawsaki forum, but they're all about the same. Check the fuel filter, pickup in the tank, try switching to reserve fuel (if it has reserve), look for a leaky fuel selector valve (bypass it with a barbed splice connector.

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