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    Sluggish acceleration, 2005 4tec Std. Can't max out RPM at WOT

    Ski is slow out of the hole and once on plane will not go above 6500-6600 RPMs. (Used to go at least 7400) Also idles up and down between 1200-1700 RPMs

    Been trying to figure this out for a while. Checked fuel pressure, New fuel filters, new spark plugs, oil level, wear ring...

    Ran it today and popped the glove compartment out, in the hopes that I could hear or see something not apparent when its stopped. To my surprise
    things got instantly better. Jumps right on plane and acceleration is as good as it used to. Top RPM is now 7000-7100, so still missing a little. And it idles steadily at 1650 RPM.

    So my guess is, there is some kind of exhaust air leak into the engine bay, which is somehow lowers the quality (oxygen) of the intake air?



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    an exhaust leak will rob power but i dont see it robbing 1k rpms. i had my 02 bung on my j pipe come out and lost about 150-200 rpms fwiw. to test this take it for a spin with the seat off and see what happens.

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    Take a ride with the seat off and report back.

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    It rides fine with the seat off. Looks like I have a leak around where the exhaust pipe attaches to the engine. I am guessing there might be a leak in the intake as well since it appears
    to make such a big difference.

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