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    Avg cost of rebuild?

    I know it probably depends on the extent of the rebuild but what is the range for cost of doing a rebuild yourself. Newbie here Just been looking at old 90 skis bc I like the style but want to know how much it will burn my pocket. Can anyone provide me a breakdown or a rough range

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    Rebuild what? A carb? Pump? Motor? On what will be a big factor as well.

    But with what info I know im going to say $6,213.18ish

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    Haha good point. Most of the ski's I've seen need the carb rebuilt and a blown cylinder.

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    99 cents

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    Two cylinder vs. 3 cylinder makes quite a difference in cost. Plated or sleeved cylinders is a difference too, plated costing more to refurbish. A motor rebuild in general with you doing the work yourself would typically be in the 600-2000 dollar range depending on the particular engine you are dealing with.

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    more then you'd like to spend!

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    I rebuilt an XP engine, carbs, and jet pump and some cables ran me around $1500

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    Quote Originally Posted by nmpeter View Post
    more then you'd like to spend!

    nothing is ever as simple/cheap as it seems with anything with an engine in my experience...but you can save tons doing your own work

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