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    Dangerous Electrical Problem 2002 Polaris Genesis 1200 MFI

    I bought a 2002 Polaris Genesis 1200 carb with 28 hours. Ski did not have a scratch on it and was like just out of the crate. For the last week I have run the heck out of it with my kids. and now have 40+ hours on it. While running across the lake three days ago I hit a huge wave and lost power and the red light flashed for a few seconds and then everything was fine for 10-20 minutes. Then I started having problems with the MFI going blank and then restarting and going blank and restarting. The ski will keep running and I can run it about 20 mph with the MFI going on and off and it does not seem to effect anything. If I give it any more throttle,ski will start to stall out. If I stop moving the MFI will turn on, the needle will full sweep and I get the "ride safely" message and it will look like nothing is wrong. Voltage is 17.1 or more volts when I am giving it a little gas.

    I have ready quite a few posts and I hear issues over and over about the displays(MFI's). Several commented that problems with the displays were dangerous and could ruin quite a few things with the ski. Is this correct?

    First thing I did to try and fix it is pull the battery out and charge it fully and then clean and tighten all of the battery connections. I was getting a low voltage warning while I was cleaning the Ski yesterday and this solved that issue.

    I put it back together, launched it this morning and exactly the same flashing MFI(by flashing I mean the MFI cycles on and off over and over again. Looks like no power, power, no power, etc, etc. I pulled the plug on the back of the MFI and everything looks fine visually(just a bunch of clean small holes and clean pins) no sign of burning, etc. No issue with the fuse. No issue with any of the plugs that I have pulled apart.

    What should I check or do in order. I have no problem with multiple thoughts or pages of suggestions.

    How would I know if I have a loose connection between the plug and pin? I checked the voltage at the plug and it was over 13 volts with the ski sitting in my driveway.

    Have a long weekend planned, any help would be great.

    Update. I ran a 14 gauge fused circuit from the battery to the positive wire in the MFI plug as well as a additional ground. This seems to solve the problem. Will this destroy the electronics or anything else in my ski?
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    I suspect that the actual problem cause is a bad main electrical connection. Remove that bypass power and ground wire to the display. The display is simply showing you that something bad is happening within the electrical system.

    Remove, clean, and check the engine end of the heavy black battery cable. Also clean any other engine grounds. You want clean metal to metal contact, clean bolt, clean hole threads.

    Use very little or NO Loctite on the ground bolts.

    Make sure the actual cable ends are good and provide solid electrical contact internally.

    Do the same with the heavy red cable at the start solenoid, and the thin red wire.

    These are the core power and ground wires for the system.

    If the problem is still not fixed, investigate the Reset Button (circuit breaker) and everything inside the electrical box. Sometimes the Reset Button shell can crack or it simply becomes unreliable (internal corrosion or just age).

    There should be zero moisture and no corrosion inside the electrical box.

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