When I connect the positive cable to the battery I get a spark, not big but little like its drawing current or shorting. When I disconnect the black/yellow wire from the regulator to the stator ground the battery spark does not occur. When I connect a tester to the the black/yellow wire of the regulator I am getting 12.2 v , this is the ground wire and I should not be getting and volts on this wire? So I replaced the regulator and it did not spark when attaching the positive cable to the battery. I ran it in the water on a trailor for about 15 mins and all seamed ok. I pulled it out and started it for about 15 more seconds and it began to smoke from the ebox. The regulator I bought was used so I am not 100 percent sure that it was good in the first place but according to the ebay seller it was. I have replaced the starter, the starter solenoid, and the rectifier (used one) other items are new. My ground wire is coming from the starter mount bolt to the battery. The ground has continuity from the stator ground to the motor block and also to the negative of the battery so I believe the grounding is fine. I am lost, I need to buy a new regulator now but I dont know what else to look for if it is not the regulator. Also I could use some advice on what to test so I dont burn up another regulator. My regulator has 5 wires coming from it. Black which went to the black wire of the stator, 2 yellows which went to the stator for charging, Orange which went to the power from the starter coil, and a black/yellow which went to the ground in the backside of the stator.