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Thread: R&D vs. RIVA

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    R&D vs. RIVA

    I was recently looking for some relatively cheap bolt-on items from RIVA and R&D. I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on who's products are better?

    These are the products I was looking at:

    Power Filter...RIVA $225 or R&D $174
    Crankcase Ventilator...R&D $30
    Pro Steering Nozzle extended 15mm...R&D $145
    Intake Grate...RIVA $130 or R&D $120

    My question with these products are which ones do you recommend, RIVA or R&D? And what ones you think are worth getting?

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    Riva all the way.

    Richard (way2fast) here on the forum is a Riva dealer and beats the pants off of Rivas retail price.

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    Awesome, I love low prices.

    But I was wondering about the crankcase ventilator and pump nozzle. Anyone running these and how good do they work?

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    The breather is junk. Make your own oil catch can/breather like this one here:

    I hear the R&D nozzle works well. Good product if you are a racer. Waste of money for a recreational rider.

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    If you ride in ocean go with the R&D intake grate

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    So if im on a $500 budget, what are some quick and easy upgrades that you would recommend?

    I've got college next year, so Im tight on money and parent approval.

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    500 bucks....

    Riva Intake Grate
    Build your own air intake
    Solas prop
    power pipe (i'd say thru-hull exhaust, but it'll put u over 500 mark)
    fill ride plate holes and trim reverse bucket (practically free, 10 bucks)

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