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    1994 yamaha waverunner iii

    I picked up this old wave runner a few days ago. It had been sitting under a carport for a long time before I got it. It's got great compression, but very weak spark. I've isolated the kill switch and still no change. I took the cdi apart and found tons of corrosion and rust on the inside. I cleaned it all up, and had a slight change in spark, but not much. I put a new coil pack in too, but no help. So, I'm thinking it might be the cdi. Anybody have any ideas? I thought I'd ask around before I went and bought a new one.

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    Oh, and its the WRA 700.

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    Buy yourself a set of $5.00 spark plug boots. After dumping $280 in mine, I found out it was just weak boots.

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