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    50 Hour service for 2011 GTI 130?

    Were going to hit 50 hours pretty soon, like next weekend actually. So far ive done all my own maintenance with the exception of the first one (10hr) Is there anything that i should focus on? should I take it in and get bent over? is it time to change the pump oil?

    Im also going to need to find someone to clear my service interval if i do the 50 hour maintenance.


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    I don't think the maintenance message comes on until 100 hours. My 2011 GTI is right at 50 hours and it has not come on.

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    Also not sure if the light comes on til 100 hours but if it does. I'll clear it for you. Although I am a ways from glassboro

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    Just change the oil and filter.
    Even at 100 hrs when the service light comes on remember its just a light and doesn't affect anything.
    No need to bend over at the stealership to have a light turned off.
    These Gti skis get abused as rentals and all they do is change the oil every 100 hrs.

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    Had my 50 hour done last fall on my GTI 130 and all they did was new oil and filter,I cant work on my own ski,dont know how and it kills my back to be laying over in the engine compartment,so all my work is done at my dealer,so far they have done really nice work,had to have it worked on last summer after some ass hit the back of the ski while on the trailer slowing down to pull in my driveway.That cost him 1,000 bucks.Reverse bucket was bent and the part of the trailer where the ski sits on the roller on the front,that part was also bent,took the ski out for the first time and when coming home is when he hit me.He tells me well I can help you fix it daaaa nooooo its going to the dealer to be fixed right it was bran new at that time.Then he never tells his insurance they called my insurance to find out why they got a bill for fixing a PWC.Thankfully his ins paid all of it.

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