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    Kawasaki 1100 jet ski

    Hello everyone.

    I'm Chris.

    Before yesterday I have Never owned a Jet ski or SeeDoo.
    I am now the Proud Owner of Both. A 1999 Kawasaki 1100 and a 2005 SeeDoo Bombardier.

    We had a Blast on them today. the Kawasaki is a SPEED DEMON!
    The SeaDoo also great... a little more stable & Very Fast and Solid Running.

    So, the question, After about 20-30 minutes of cruising around the lake, the Kawasaki 1100 started to stall and die when you sped up and around 4k RPM it would die unless you laid off the throttle and let is "Catch it's breath".

    At first I thought the Oil mix was maybe too rich, but it started right up every time. So then I thought "Spark Plugs".

    Then, I turned the Gas Dial to "Reserve" and It Never stalled or cut out again.

    Is it "BAD" to leave the Gas Dial on "Reserve" All the Time ??

    I saw a post earlier where it looked like the same thing was happening to a guy with a 900.

    some advise.


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    Welcome aboard, Chris!

    You can run on reserve all the time, but when you're out of fuel, you're OUT.

    Sounds like the screen on the pickup is plugged or something.

    I would suggest that you carefully inspect the oil lines. They get brittle with age and can crack.

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