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    MSX 110 engine light?

    So when the light comes on, it goes into a limp mode that limits RPM's to about 1900-2200, was flashing a temp sign later, but at first wasn't. I messed around with the wires, and it ran great, hit a wave (hard) and it went right back into limp mode. could it be the thermostat temp switch on the turbo manifold? my coolant is really dark and milky gross looking...its got 42 hours on it? could it just be time for a coolant flush? the passages aren't blocked, when running its movin coolant into the top of the reservoir just fine. I do want to flush the system and have a new thermostat put in. what do you think guys? thanks I appreciate any help.

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    If there is oil mixing with coolant, or water mixing into the oil, or oil getting into the air intake tract, those are not good things.

    See my signature links for some useful info.

    There are also a number of excellent threads on here discussing the known issues and repairs for the Weber turbo engine.

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    yikes, what causes that? head gasket? blow by? seals? probably all of that eh?

    how can I flush the coolant? wheres the instructions to do that. Id like to flush it and see what happens from there. I think the coolant is just old and needs to be drained and replaced along with the thermostat temp switch.

    much thanks

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    yeah... gunk in your coolant is not good. Good that it's still circulating... but gotta figure out why it's getting contaminated.

    To flush the coolant. Put ski on trailer and get it pretty nose-high. Suck out the coolant in the jug... then pop off the lower hose on the coolant jug and put the hose down low in the hull to drain out the coolant into the hull. If the nose is high enough... should get most of it draining this way... just keep that popped off hose as low as possible to get it to drain. You should then drain the hull into buckets so as to not dump all the coolant where ever. I usually follow up this drain with running some clean water in the hull to rinse out the hull. Then put the hose back on the coolant jug and add fresh coolant.

    OEM coolant is Propylene Glycol (PG)... the environmentally safe kind... can be bought as Peak Sierra or Prestone Low-Tox. Although... the stock coolant is pink and Peak Sierra is green (why?)... but the same stuff.

    Honestly...before I would try the coolant flush... I'd make sure to do a compression test on the cylinders first. I'd even do a leak-down test too if I suspected a blown headgasket. On one of my previous Weber rebuilds... the leakdown test gurgled the coolant and thus confirmed a blown headgasket.

    How is your oil looking? Any milkly, foamy traces in your oil? It sounds like your getting oil in your coolant.

    Good luck.


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