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Thread: worth getting?

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    worth getting?

    I am looking at upgrading my skis I have 1996 GSX and a 2000 SHL. Local guy has for sale 2 2005 Yamaha FX HO Cruisers. Has 82.4 hours on one and 78.9 on the other. Has paperwork from local dealer for service each year. He asking 11500 seems a little high or on point? They look great one does have a small paint chip above the rub rail but nothing bad

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    That seems high to me. I'd probably pay 4k - $4500 a piece for them (around here). So, max $9000. Those are great machines, but we're talking about 8 year old ski's. Of course, my philosophy is a bit different than most peoples. I don't wait until I need to upgrade before I upgrade. I'm constantly looking at the classifieds and if I see a great deal on a ski I want, I'll grab it and sell my oldest ski. My point is what I'm willing to pay is probably quite different than others.

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    damn that make me feel a bit better .
    look what i have for you .

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    Way too high. About 7.5 to 8.5k as everyone now is buying supercharged skis or these NA engine skis that perform near level. The older FX skis are slower and lack the tech advances of newer skis. A tougher sell unless someone who's trying to brake into 4 stroke for cheap. At that price, they're definitely not cheap.

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