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    Lean looking spark plugs?

    Hey guys just changed the plugs on my 215hp 4tech... only performance mods are a 4 inch custom intake. I noticed the plugs were somewhat white.... definitely more "lean" looking that plugs that i am used to seeing out of non forced induction motors.... is this lean look simply due to forced induction, or should i run some injector cleaner as maybe they are semi clogged?

    I can get some pics of the plugs up in a bit if necessary.

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    do a wot run and pull plugs as soon as you shut it down that will give you a much better picture do not idle before you pull plugs

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    Quote Originally Posted by primorxp View Post
    do a wot run and pull plugs as soon as you shut it down that will give you a much better picture do not idle before you pull plugs
    yeah its a bit hard to tell on the 4 strokes.... go flat out towards the beach, then pull key off early and glide on in!

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    As part of a basic maintaining of your ski you should run Injector cleaner thru it.
    I use Lucas Injector and top end lubricant from Walmart.
    It's around 7-8$ for 32oz.
    If your Injectors clog it can burn a piston/cylinder fast.

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    I relooked at the plugs... one is definitely more lean looking than the others. definitely running some injector cleaner.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    do you have any means of monitoring AFRs on your ski? Always a good thing to have so when this question arises you already know the answer! I highly doubt your ski is in any trouble with just a 4 inch intake. Ive also seen a data log of a stock ski and they seem to already run a lil lean from the factory.

    other than the plugs is there anything else that isnt right with the ski? hows it ride?

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    The plug in the center definitely shows signs of excessive heat, that light pinkish color is a tale tale sign. These machines are lean from the factory but that appears a bit more than usual to me.

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    The boat, an 06 sportster 215, runs great, only about 4 mph below top speed for the same boat, and I have a wakeboard tower and two huge speakers acting as sails. I will say that one plug does look a little leanish so I'm definitely running injector cleaner, but not overly concerned if they "tend to run a bit lean from the factory "

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